Spring is on its way in, as much as mother nature does NOT want to admit it this year. I didn’t get much riding in over the winter, because, unfortunately, the weather wasn’t anywhere near as nice as it was last year. This means it’s time to get the 1125CR ready for the season. The bike is fine, and I’ve ridden it a couple times this year, but it still needs some preparing.

I’m almost due for an oil change, after last fall’s trip down the east coast (it’s occurring to me that I didn’t write a post about the trip… I’ll have to do that!). It’s not due for a filter (Buell specs changing the filter every other oil change), so I probably won’t bother, since it’s so messy to do so. I’ll just drain and refill with fresh oil.

I need to give the bike a good washing. I’ll wash the whole bike, and polish and wax the body plastics.

I then need to mount new tires. I bought the newly-released Pirelli Angel GT tires, front and back. I’ll be mounting these with my trusty spoonbars, and double checking that the TPMS sensors in the wheels are still held in place securely and that the wheel/tire assemblies are balanced.

Finally, I’ll flush the brake and clutch fluid. I need to buy a Mityvac or an Actron unit to do this well, so I’ll be ordering one of those soon.

After all of this, the 1125CR should be ready to go for the season! First major outing is coming up in about a month - the Adirondack Buell Rally.