It occurs to me that I’ve not posted an update on my 1125’s stator failure. I ended up re-winding the stator myself, which was a fair bit easier thanks to Hildstrom’s write-up on the topic. I used the same magnet wire he did, with one of the Duralco epoxies mentioned. Got it all installed, along with a new CE-605 SB series regulator. I may do a more detailed write-up at some point on this, as I took some pictures along the way to document the progress.

The bike was fine for a while on this new stator. The first regulator I got was defective, so I sent it back for replacement. The new one worked for a little while before it started acting flakey. I switched back to the stock shunt regulator temporarily, and noticed that voltage on the bike drops faster at idle than before. Some checking of the stator confirms that, unfortunately, two of the phases are putting out under-spec voltage. They still put out some power, and the bike is able to charge the battery while moving at speed, but at idle, voltage drops off fairly quickly.

At this point, it seems like one set of windings is acting up - probably shorted somewhere. I’ll have to pull it apart and see if it’s something I can fix without re-winding everything again. On the upside, I do have an extra burnt out stator here from a friend, so I may just go ahead and re-wind that core and swap it in. This first one I rewound is a bit messy anyway, so having a fresh go at it may not be a bad thing.