Just a quick note that Discover’s customer service is awesome. As I mentioned in the dead stator post, I bought a rotor that sprays oil on the stator. I purchased this from Erik Buell Racing on a core charge basis. Essentially, I paid for the rotor modification up front, plus a $250 core charge. This $250 was to be refunded upon returning the rotor from my bike, after swapping the new one in.

Between the time that I paid the core charge and the time I sent the original rotor back, my Discover card was stolen somehow (issue for another time). Subsequently, the card was cancelled and reissued with a new account number. When the core charge refund was issued, it was credited back to my old card, which was cancelled.

I was informed that Discover accepted the credit and it had all gone through properly, however, the credit never hit my account.

I called Discover customer service to inquire about this. This call took place at around 11pm. I was connected to an American in Utah instantly, and they quickly addressed my issue. No waiting on hold and trying to speak to folks with thick accents and a seemingly weak grasp on the English language, who just read off a script and try and find the right answer to read to you. They informed me that I needed to speak with the fraud investigation department (who was closed), as they own the old account that was credited now, but that it would be no problem to get this taken care of. This is usually the beginning of a horror story, but in this case, everything worked out great.

I rang up the fraud investigations department this morning, a few hours after they opened. Again, I didn’t have to mess around waiting on hold or navigating a maze of menus. The representative I spoke with was very quick to understand and resolve the issue. In fact, the length of the call was 2 minutes and 6 seconds - from when I dialed the number to when I hung up. Yes, this includes the time the phone was ringing, the typical “this call may be recorded” message, and giving my account info to the rep. The credit should be properly moved to my account within 24 hours - so unless this doesn’t happen for some reason, then this was a very pleasant experience with Discover. I am proud to be a customer. I’m always quick to point out when a company treats me badly - whether it be on my blog, on Facebook, or in discussions with others - so I figured that when a company provides exceptional service, I should point that out as well.