Setting aside my opinion that the IRS is nothing but pure overhead and that income tax should be abolished, the IRS sucks.

I filed my tax return on the morning of Feb. 2, and it was accepted by the IRS on the same day at 9:36 AM. According to the refund cycle schedule, this puts me at the very beginning of the Feb. 15 cycle, meaning my refund should have been direct deposited into my bank account today.

It wasn’t. Surprise, surprise. Furthermore, the “where’s my refund” page shows that they have no record of my refund. Apparently, this is a known issue, and I should receive my refund in “10 to 21 days.” Seriously? How hard can it be to process returns and display their status online? Why is the government so afraid of streamlining stuff like this, and so afraid to actually utilize technology? Another great example of this is the absolutely horrid tracking provided for packages mailed via USPS. Until recently, the site wouldn’t show you much of anything until after the package had been delivered.

My tax return this year was very basic. So basic, in fact, that I don’t see why their computers can’t automatically process it and give me my money within a day or two. It really needs to take 3 weeks? They can’t even keep to their refund cycle? Ugh.

I wonder what would happen if I sent the IRS a bill with late fees and interest charges, and made threats to them over the phone. That’s what they do to you when you owe them money…