I’ve been doing a horrible job at blogging, as usual. I’ve gotten a head start on what would have (yet again) been a New Year’s resolution - going to the gym. I started going to a local gym with a friend - which is great, it gives somebody to work out with, somebody to be accountable to, etc. So I figured why not get started on what would likely end up being another New Year’s resolution - blogging more.

I’d like to attempt to write a blog post every night. That probably won’t happen, but it’s something to shoot for. Anything at least semi-regular would be nice. Anything goes here, programming, personal stuff, workouts, etc.

As far as the gym - my main goal is to lose some weight and get into shape. Bulking up a little bit is a secondary goal, but nothing I’m going to actively seek at the moment. I seem to have settled in around 200 pounds lately, and I wouldn’t mind dropping at least 50 of it (or less, depending on how much muscle I build, being that muscle weighs more than fat).

Wooters.us desperately needs some attention. This seems to be a recurring, tragic issue. It’s just hard to find the time to do it - I have so many other things I want to do as well.

And, on a closing note, I think I’m going to host a programming competition this month. I need to get in gear, and set up a site and everything for it, but I’m hoping for moderate success. There seems to be a void over at allegro.cc these days with Jakub gone, with nobody left to host ChristmasHack. So I’m planning on organizing ‘SantaHack’ to fill this void. More on that as it comes.